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Trijicon HD vs. Standard frontnight sight on a Springfield 1911


Hi John,   I have a MC Operator I hope to put a set of night sights on in the near future.  I get confused with the options for Springfields or Novak cut.  Not sure what exactly I'm supposed to pick.  My ideal set would be either a HD yellow outlined of regular white outlined front night sight and a single tritium dot, straight 8 style rear.  Thanks for any help.

Sincerely, "A"


All Springfield 1911s with dovetail front sights have a unique to Springfield sized dovetail. The  Springfield dovetail is deeper than a Novak and a little wider front to rear, with a 60° angle rather than a 65° like Novak uses. As long as you buy a "Springfield" front sight, it will mount in your dovetail.

Trijicon only makes the HD front sight for 1911s in a Novak pattern dovetail. I have been able to make a satisfactory adaption of them to Springfield slides by making a shallow milling machine cut on the top of the slide from the front edge back to the rear of the sight blade, just deep enough to give the slide's dovetail depth the same dimension as the HD sight to be installed. The cut is covered up by the HD sight's blade. Once I have the sight fitted, installed and centered in the slide, I drill a 1/16" hole for a vertical roll pin from the top of the sight blade down through the top of the slide. I then remove the sight, degrease, add LocTite sleeve retainer to the dovetail and the roll pin hole and do a final assembly.

One thing you need to know is that since the HD front sight is .025" wider than the original front sight, you'll need to widen the notch in the rear sight out to between .160" and .170", depending on the length of the gun and how much daylight you want in your sight picture. I offer most of my Extreme Service rear sights with a .170" wide U-notch for use with the HD front sight. You'll find that on a 3" gun like an EMP, the .170" is a must. On a Gov't Model, the .170" works fine, or if you want to go the custom sized notch route, as narrow as .156" is fine.

Another note - if you look at Trijicon's web site, you'll see that they make an HD-XR front sight that has the same day-glo painted ring and tritium lamp on a .125" width sight blade. A great idea, but they don't make it for anything that adapts to a 1911 at this time.

So if you want to jump through the hoops to get the HD sight on your Springfield MC Operator and you aren't put off by altering your slide (if you later put a "Springfield" front sight on it, there will be a small gap underneath the blade), then what you need to order is a TRJ-CA128FY-175 for a yellow ring, or a TRJ-CA128FO-175 for an orange ring, along with a HD-005-WU-T2 rear sight.

If you want to stick with a simpler, less expensive way to get very usable night sights on your TRP, order a 103-DO-020-040 front and a HD-005-S-T2 rear sight.

Best Regards,


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