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TR-8R-45-RG Tripp Cobra Mag

Tripp Research magazine, .45 ACP, 8 round, Government


The TR-8R-45-RG mags (S/S 8 rnd .45ACP only) that Tripp is currently shipping are "Plan B" mags, if you will. The regular tubes for this mag are unavailable at this time, so rather than just be "out of stock" on this magazine, Tripp is modifying their 10 round .45ACP tubes to hold 8 rounds. So you will see an extra slotted hole for round count close to the bottom of the left side and on each side, there will be a small 1/4" dia. circle left from Tripp spot-facing off the "9 & 10" round count indicator. The lead picture shows this alterartion. Tripp will warranty these mags as always. 

Quantity discounts are available for Tripp Cobramags. They cannot be combined with other discounts, such as MIL/LEO.

The Gen II Tripp CobraMag is the most advanced, well thought out magazine for the 1911 available. It has outstanding design features that include a polished, heat treated stainless steel tube with CNC machined feed lips engineered for the specific caliber. The tube and base pad design allows a spring with more full-size coils (14 coils of .042") than any other 1911 magazine. This provides a much longer spring life and a stronger, more consistent round lifting force, which is important to the feed timing in a 1911 and is crucial in 1911 pistols that are shorter than a Government Model. The hybrid polymer/stainless steel follower has an anti-tilt design that helps reduce nose diving malfunctions. The stainless steel band at the front of the follower lifts the pistols slide stop, rather than allowing the softer polymer to do the work and eventually become worn. The polymer base pad features a pattern of dimples that you can mark to number your magazines. The 8R-45-RG magazine is of a length that will be adequate for use with add-on mag wells and give positive insertion in standard length pistols.

PRICE BREAKS - The more you buy, the more you save
PRICE BREAKS - The more you buy, the more you save
Tripp Cobra Mag - S/S 8 rnd, .45 ACP
Tripp Research Cobra Mag - BLACK, 8 rnd, .45 ACP