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1911 Gunsmithing Tools

Gunsmithing Tools for your 1911 pistol

HD-807 Frame Holding Fixture


Frame Holding Fixture for M1911 pistols

HSC-01 Slide Fixture


HS Custom Slide Holding Fixture

HD-806 True Radius PRO sear stoning jig


Sear Stoning Jig for 1911 Sears

BT-101 Beavertail fitting fixture


Fixture for holding beavertail while grinding top surface

HD-803 Extractor Machining Fixture


Fixture holds and locates extractor while machining FPS slot

HD-801 Beavertail Fitting Guide


Fitting Guide for H-D Beavertail, .242" radius

Sanding Block


Aluminum Sanding Block

CHA-T-GSD-H 3/32" Hex Driver - Grip Screws


For Hex Head Grip Screws

Extractor, Grip Screw Bushing


Extractor for grip screw bushings

Brush Set


Nylon brush set for the 1911 pistol

Snap Caps


A-Zoom Snap Caps / Dummy Rounds

Hex key set


Hex key set



Channel Cleaning Tool

LCT-262 Loctite for rear sights


Loctite 262 thread locking coumpound

LCT-263 Loctite for front sights


Loctite 263 high temperature retaining compound