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Stake In Front Sights


After many requests from folks looking to either upgrade an older pistol wearing the old "hump & bump" M 1911 A1 style sights, or someone wanting to keep the original appearance of their currently produced 1911, Harrison Design now has what you've been looking for.

We are now offering a family of stake-in front sights featuring an improved ramp with serrations which appears much blacker in your sight picture than many of the current factory offerings. They are .125" wide and are sold in either .195" heights or .175" heights. The staking tenons are either wide (.125") or narrow (.055"). If you need a "medium" tenon for your Springfield, you'll have to buy a wide and file or machine it down to fit.

These sights look and work great on all 1911s with stake-in front sights. As a rule of thumb, if your Colt is a "Pre Series-'80" production, you'll need the narrow tenon. If it's a Series '80 or newer, it will need a wide tenon. The Springfield "medium width" tenon can be made by narrowing a wide tenon blade.

PRO Tip- Before you stake in your new sight, cut a chamfer around the mortise (the square hole) that the tenon goes through in the interior of your slide to create room for the end of your tenon to mushroom into as you stake it. Be sure to degrease the slide and sight and apply plenty of red LocTite on the surfaces before assembly. Done correctly, a staked in sight will never come loose.

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