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Mag catch and service
First of all, this mag catch was a perfect fit for my Remington R1 and a drastic improvement over the stock part.  Well made, nicely finished and a good price, but what really sets it apart was the service that accompanied my order.

I placed the order on the day before a holiday weekend and much to my surpise the order showed up the day after Labor day.  John went above and beyond by my reckoning getting the order out.  Not many folks are that quick with the service these days and I appreciate it.  And lest you think I am in his part of the country I am not, I am clear across the country in Washington state.  Great service!  I will be back

Thank you John!

Tony K
From: | Date: 11/16/2012 9:38 PM
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it's just the thing!
This dropped right into my Range Officer, and was the perfect size to facilitate a reload without breaking grip; and what's more there was no fitting of any kind required.

I have to agree with the service, my only regret is that I didn't know about John earlier, it would have saved a lot of "top end" parts that didn't work out. If I could give it (and the sights) six stars, I would!

I will be back for my next project!
From: | Date: 2/23/2013 1:40 AM
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Another Quality Part
I installed the extended mag catch to replace the MIM junk in my new S&W 1911TA "E" series pistol. The new part dropped in without any filing or fitting. This particular model's catch is extended by 1/16th of a inch. This might not sound like much but I found magazine changes much faster and more positive. I also bought the spring and retainer available on this website. The part matched the matte Melonite finish on my pistol nicely.

I would not hesitate to puchase this or any of John's other products. Ive replaced every MIM component in my pistol with John Harrison's products. Its kind of a hard pill to swallow... I spent close to $1200 on the pistol and had to put another $500-$750 or so to get quailty, forged parts thoughout.

I also purchased Harrison Designs Slide Stop,
Firing pin stop,
Hammer Strut + Pin,
and Leaf Spring.

I did not purchase his safety because it wasnt available yet. I ended up using a Nowlin NXT Safety which is also forged like John's. It worked out wonderfully but i wish I had waited for Johns safety because the lines flow into his slide stop nicely. I also purchased a forged arched mainspring housing by Ed Brown to replace the MIM stock unit.

The only cast piece that is in my pistol now is the beavertail safety. Every single other cast part has been replaced with a stronger, higher quality forged unit. I use John Harrisons parts exclusively unless he doesnt offer that particular part... for instence the beavertail and mainspring housing.

If you're listening John... Please come out with a forged/milled beavertail saifety. I would love to have this part made by you. There are very few forged beavertails out there and I am hoping Harrison Designs will offer one soon.
From: | Date: 6/12/2013 2:08 PM
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