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Ignition Sets & Parts

Extreme Service ignition sets for your 1911.

Note - Ignition sets or Ignition parts are not drop in parts. They require fitting to the individual pistol. If the necessary techniques do not fall within your skill set or tooling capabilities, seek help from a professional gunsmith!

HD-120 Extreme Service ignition set

From $129.95

Tool steel ignition set featuring Slotted Commander hammer

HD-120-B Extreme Service ignition set - Black

From $134.95

Extreme Service Ignition set -w- Black DLC coated Slotted Commander hammer

HD-120-SS Extreme Service Ignition Set

From $134.95

Extreme Service Ignition Set featuring Stainless Steel Slotted Commander Hammer

HD-121 Extreme Service slotted Commander hammer

From $63.95

Extreme Service tool steel slotted Commander hammer

HD-122 Extreme Service sear


Extreme Service tool steel sear

HD-122-G Gunsmith's Sear


1911 Gunsmith's Sear

HD-123 Extreme Service disconnector


Extreme Service tool steel disconnector

HD-125 Extreme Service Hammer Strut & pin

From $18.95

Tool steel hammer strut and pin

HD-130 Retro Ignition Set

From $159.95

Tool steel ignition set featuring Retro bobbed spur hammer

HD-131 Retro Hammer

From $88.92

Retro hammer with bobbed and narrowed spur

HD-132 Original Commander ignition set

From $149.95

Tool Steel ignition set featuring Original Commander hammer

HD-133 Original Commander hammer

From $86.58

HD-133 Original round hole Commander hammer

HD-134 "CC" Concealed Carry ignition set

From $144.95

Concealed Carry hammer, sear and disconnector

HD-135 & HD-135-B "CC" Concealed Carry hammer

From $88.92

Concealed Carry hammer