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HD-806 True Radius PRO sear stoning jig

Sear Stoning Jig for 1911 Sears

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Designed by Chuck Warner of Warner Pistols and manufactured by Harrison Design, the True Radius PRO stoning jig will guide you to stoning the perfect radial primary contact surface on the nose of your 1911 sear. This will give a smoother, more consistently creep-free trigger pull than conventional methods commonly used.

The PRO jig is EDM machined to four different radial segments around the circumference of the discs. The different segments will accomodate sears having center line-to-nose lengths covering a full range of sear nose lengths that you'll normally encounter.

The answer to the obvious questions of why are there two different jigs and what do they do differently from each other is this: the HD-805 True Radius sear jig is ground to one radius, .404". This will accomodate sears that are exactly on-spec or above the print dimensions for sear nose length measured from the centerline of the sear pivot pin hole. So long as you never encounter a sear that is on the short side of that .404" spec, either from previous stoning, or manufacturing, the HD-805 will give as good a result as is possible. The HD-806 True Radius PRO jig will cover sear nose lengths from .402", .403", .404" and .405".  It also allows you to just stone the minimum amount of material from the nose.

This jig will aid the pistolsmith or advanced hobbiest to create a radial primary engagement surface on your in-spec sear.  Comes with PRO jig, 2 sear pins and instructions for use.

PLEASE NOTE - Many pistols on the market today as well as many replacement sears have a nose length that is below USGI spec. My sear jig will only work with sears having a .402" or longer distance from the sear nose to the centerline of the sear pin hole. If you want to use this jig to stone sears that are too short, this jig will not work for you and you should not buy it.


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