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HD-803 Extractor Machining Fixture

Fixture holds and locates extractor while machining FPS slot

The HD-803 Extractor Machining Fixture holds your 1911 extractor while you locate the correct position for the slot for the firing pin stop and machine it. This fixture sits level in your mill vise saving you set up time. It's non-marring flat tip set screws secure the extractor level in it's rotation in the tunnel making set up quick  & easy. Use a .094" gauge pin to locate the claw, then travel back the distance calculated from measurements on your slide and you can cut the FPS slot in your HD-240-BG extractor, or one that you welded or shimmed up.

Achieving an optimal claw to breech face dimension is a key ingredient in getting consistent extraction and ejection from your 1911. Once you've set a pistol up for optimum claw to breech spacing and see what it does for the consistency of ejection, this will be a service you'll offer to every customer.

Downloadable .pdf instructions for use at -

HD-240-BG extractor with no firing pin slot listed below!

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