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HD-270 Oversize Ejector Blank

Oversize Ejector All 1911 Models, Carbon Steel

We are pleased to offer our custom made oversize ejector blanks that we use in our shop for gunsmithing. They are oversize in the body to allow machining to fit the slide recess perfectly.

Made from 4140 chrome-moly steel, stress relieved prior to machining to relax the steel, improve grain structure and eliminate warping after machining, then heat treated to a RC-44, which we consider perfect for an ejector application.

The studs are machine to exact maximum size to fit snugly in the frame holes. A large radius is machined at the base of the studs to prevent sheering where the stud connects to the ejector body. Most manufactures machine a square corner at the base junction which promotes sheering, our ejector studs will not sheer.

The rear stud is left extra long to secure the rear end tight to the frame so it does not raise up.

The nose of the ejector is extended, the body follows the same angle as the magazine well which strengthens the extended nose to prevent breakage.

The extended ejector will start ejection sooner, so care must be taken to insure the nose that contacts the case rim is cut to the correct length to allow ejection of a loaded round. Ejection ports such as the COLT Series 80 pistols have are cut extra long in the front for loaded round clearance, but other GI style ports may require modification, or the ejector nose must be shortened.

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