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HD-023 Gold Bead Front Sight

For pistols already equipped with Harrison Design Snake Sights rear sight

Note- This front sight will not work with the OEM rear sight supplied by Colt. It is too tall.


This front sight has been increased in height by .020” to be optimized with 125-135 JHP self defense ammo. This will let you zero without the rear sight being jacked up excessively high.

The serrated sight blade is made in the Improved Ramp pattern to give a sharper, blacker sight image, yet still be good for holster carry in modern good quality gun leather.

The front sight is .125” wide to allow placement of color contrasting features like gold beads, fiber optic rods or tritium lamps.

The HD Snake Sight front sight is offered in serrated plain black, with a fiber optic rod, or a 14k gold bead, high polished domed end. 

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