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HD-013 "Rescue" Front Sight Blank


Ted Yost developed and made these sights several years ago and after a long absence from the market place, I'm pleased to offer them again, with some Harrison Design improvements.

These sights can be used to rescue a slide from mis-cut front sight dovetails. They have an oversize dovetail base featuring nominal dimensions of .085" depth, .375" width with a 65° dovetail angle. big enough to rescue most any sort of ugliness and butchery. The blade is .275" tall X .630" long X .125" wide. The vertical roll pin has been left off so you can match it's location to wherever your slide's hole in located. The dovetail base is .625" wide, so it can be blended to the top of your slide, or you can cut the sides back for the appearance you want. A radius is machined at the point where the blade joins the dovetail base, strengthening the sight appreciably.

This is something that every 1911 smith should have 2 or 3 of on hand as it can get you out of a jam if a slip up is made, it can be cut down and made into other sight blanks, like a Springfield, or a Heinie, or others. It's a great tool for your toolbox you use to be a great gunsmith!

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