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HD-004.5 Extreme Service Rear Sights

Rear Sights for Springfield EMP-4, the Elite Series and other SA 1911s using a .350" tall rear sight

Please Read: Sights are not "drop-in" parts, especially for 1911 pistols. There are so many companies, large and small, manufacturing 1911 pistols today and they all have different ideas about dimensional consistency in the sight cut. The only way after-market sight manufacturers can provide you with sights is to manufacture their sights and hold their dimensions on the high side of the range commonly encountered. This means that to install sights on 1911s, you often have to "fit" the sight to the sight cut by finding the surface on the sight that is too big and filing it down until the sight can be installed and still fit tightly. Sometimes it's more than a single surface that has to be fitted. There are instructions for fitting and installation as well as zeroing and calculating sight height in the Instructions tab on the home page. Please be aware of what you are undertaking and if you want some help, reach out to me for installation service. The cost is reasonable and the turnaround time is quick.

Features include:

  • This is the mid-height (.350" tall) rear sight for the Novak LoMount dovetail cut
  • Available in plain black with either .140" wide Square Notch or .170" wide "U" Notch for rapid sight acquisition
  • Both widths available in T2 Night Sight configuration
  • Flat rear blade with 50 lpi serrations to reduce glare
  • All edges and corners machine radiused for snag-free comfortable carry. Will not cut your hand during "over-hand" slide lock manipulation like some competitors sights
  • Flat front face in adequate size to "hook" on belt, holster, boot heel, etc. for one-handed slide manipulation
  • 8-32 set screw for added security in dovetail
  • Made in the USA

The HD-004.5 family of rear sights are made to have a blade height of .350" and will easily replace other brands of the same height. 

My HD-004.5 rear sights will fit the popular Novak LoMount ® dovetail, which is found on factory supplied fixed sight offerings by Springfield Armory, such as the EMP-4, the Range Officer Elite fixed sight pistols and others.  The mid-height is my personal recommendation for use on all Commander-length pistols.

My HD-004.5 sights will fit your slide with minor hand fitting of the sight, if the correct sight cut is already made; otherwise your slide will need to have the .495" X 65 degree sight cut machined.  

NOTE: The HD-004.5 sights DO NOT fit: Kimber, Para Ordnance, or S&W 1911s.

Please Read and Print Out Installation Instructions and Zeroing / Locking Down Instructions, located in the Instructions Section

I recommend the .140" notch width be paired with a .125" wide front sight and the .170" notch width be paired with the .145" Trijicon HD, but it can be used with a .125" front to get am amazingly fast sight picture that tired old eyes really appreciate!

Picture of HD-004.5-S
.140" wide Square notch, serrated black rear sight for Novak cut, medium height (.350")
Picture of HD-004.5-S-T2
.140" wide Square notch, tritium night sight for Novak cut, medium height (.350" tall)
Picture of HD-004.5-U
.140" wide U-Notch, serrated black rear sight for Novak cut, medium height (.350")
Picture of HD-004.5-G
"Gunsmith" rear sight having no notch cut to allow custom sizes to be machined, medium height (.350" tall)