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HD-002-S/U-T1 Night Sight - 1 Dot

Fits Springfield Range Officer and others using the LPA adjustable sight cut

The rugged HD-002-S/U-T1 Extreme Service fixed rear night sight is manufactured with a single genuine Trijicon tritium lamp installed below the sight notch, giving an "Over & Under" night sight picture. This "Stealth Dot" lamp is installed below flush to minimize the glow from your tritium sights in dark environments reducing the chance your position may be revealed. This sight fits 1911 slides machined to mount the LPA adjustable rear sight as used by Springfield Armory and other 1911 manufacturers. The HD-002 is CNC machined and incorporates the most desirable features in a 1911 rear sight.

The rear blade is serrated 50 lpi to reduce glare and reflection. Has 2 set screws for extra mounting security.

The tritium lamp is mounted extra deep in the sight blade to reduce the possibility of glow from a holstered weapon giving you away in pitch black. In daytime, the rear lamp is nearly invisible, letting your eyes focus on the front sight easily. No confusing, cluttered sight picture.

All of the edges and corners are machine radiused for handling, carrying and operational comfort.

The front face of the sight is squared to allow one-handed operation of slide.

The HD-002 is offered with either a square notch or a U notch and dimensions are .140"wide x .125" tall to allow plenty of light into the sight picture, assuring a rapid sight acquisition and clear alignment. Great for aging vision or rapid use.

The HD-002 has become a favorite for use in custom installations, due to it's good looks and balanced proportions. The HD-002 will often regulate with the OEM front sight, or with new .180"tall front sights.


  • Fits all Springfield Armory 1911 models with plain black adjustable sights, including the new Range Officer. 
  • Also fits some models of Para-Ordnance, Charles Daly, STI Spartan and other pistols machined for the LPA adjustable rear sight. Note- may require advanced-level gunsmithing or modification of sight cut to fit these non-Springfield pistols.
  • Note - for Springfield 1911 pistols with factory installed adjustable night sights (like the TRP Operator), you need my HD-006 series sight


There are detailed instructions for fitting and installing the rear sight at and instructions for zeroing and locking down your sights at

HD-002-S-T1 Rear Night Sight
Extreme Service rear sight -w- square notch and 1 tritium lamp
HD-002-U-T1 Rear Night Sight
Extreme Service rear sight -w- U notch, 1 tritium lamp