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Custom size rear sight notch


Customers are always asking if I make my so and so rear sight with a such and such size notch. I have been doing this all along, but I decided to add this item to the catalog to make it easier for you to order.

If you want a rear sight with a specially sized rear notch, locate and select the "G" version (as in HD-004-G, or HD-001-G) of the sight for your pistol. That is a plain black sight with no notch machined. Then select this item to have me machine the notch sized to your specs.

You will need to send an email with your order number to and tell me the following things -

1) Square notch or U notch

2) Notch width

3) Notch depth

I will machine the sight notch to your specs and then hot blue the sight and ship it to you. Turnaround time is 2-3 weeks, depending on the bluing schedule.

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