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Challis hex head grip screw bushings

For standard thickness grips

Every now and then a product comes along and you have to ask yourself "Why did it take 100+ years for these to come on the market?" I'm proud to offer these hex head grip screws made by Challis grips. The Challis hex drive bushings fix a lot of problems that were inherent with the 1911 grip screw bushing.


The 7/32" hex drive is a much more sure-footed method of turning the bushings than the old slotted bushings that have been around since day one. You won't be able to raise a burr around the top of the bushing that the old screwdriver slot style could, should the screwdriver slip. It will be a lot harder to cross thread the bushing into the frame when using a nut-driver to turn the Challis bushing. You will have a much easier time removing the Challis bushings from the frame, should you need to. 

Challis hex drive grip screw bushings are now the standard grip screw bushings that go into my custom 1911s built by Harrison Design. Shouldn't they be in yours, too?

CHA-B-FCB-4 Blue grip screw bushing
Challis hex drive grip screw bushing, blued, standard, set of 4
CHA-B-FSS-4 S/S grip screw bushing
Challis hex drive grip screw bushing, S/S, standard, set of 4