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Fitting a trigger so the sides of the shoe don't get scuffed in normal use.
Advanced tips for keeping your trigger from having the sides get scuffed by the frame.
What do you think of using glow-paint to help you see your sights?
Q: I have a Beretta 77 that I use for general plinking and self-defense. As I've grown older, I have a harder time seeing my sights. Can you help me? What do you think of using glow-paint to help you see your sights? A: You should certainly give it a try. It's not permanent, so you won't damage the gun. I'm 64, near-sighted with bi-focals and have been a life-long competitive hand gun shooter; so I think I have the "I can't see my sight" thing pretty well figured out. On most small concealable.........
Selecting an "All-Around" set of sights
Q: I’m not satisfied with my factory sights. They are hard to see and I don’t shoot very well with them. I’d also like to have night sights if I make a change. What do you recommend? A: Since it's not feasible to change to different sights every time you want to do a different shooting job with your pistol or shoot in different lighting environments, it's smart to figure out what features give the best utility for any use you need to employ your pistol to do.
How to Select the correct Firing Pin Stop for Your Pistol
Sometimes in manufacturing parts, to cover all applications, the choices can be a little daunting. The harmless little Firing Pin Stop (FPS) is just such a part. Below, I'll attempt to break down the part numbers in a way that will make it easy to select the right FPS for your 1911.